Pixel Artist

Inspired by 80s and 90s games, Kompy loves creating pixel art for a variety of projects.

Glitch Artist

To understand glitch is to understand the tech which we create digital art. To glitch is to break the rules and boundaries of that tech.

Digital Designer

Kompy's day job involves creating digital art and designing for General Dynamics as a Sr. Designer for a wide array of course materials.

Rebirth of the Night

Kompy is a developer on the Rebirth of the Night (RotN) Minecraft Modpack team.
RotN is a collection of modifications, scripts, and custom created content for Minecraft. RotN has recieved over 400,000 downloads, and continues to grow every day.
Kompy's involvement includes creating custom pixel art for item and model sprites, creating custom scripts that modify the gameplay experience, and developing new game concepts and systems that modify the player's experience in RotN.
All of Kompy's pixel art for these projects are available for free under a CC-BY-SA license, meaning creators can use these sprites in their projects! See her portfolio for more details.


HiJinx! is a bullet hell game developed as a group project for an art club. The game was developed in Unity, and was aimed at helping participants learn about team development, Unity familiarity, and game development.
Kompy's involvement was creating pixel tilesets for various stages of the game.


Swampcon is a local annual cosplay convention. Kompy is on the design team, assisting in creating design and art materials in-theme for each year's theme. Materials include banners, social media posts, handouts, and signage.